Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Way Out

What if the only way out of a bad situation was to betray the only person you ever loved?


A Way Out


“The only way I could think to keep her away from her father was to destroy her world.”  “But I had to get out and I had to get out all the way”



Shots of men/woman body parts hands, legs, etc… like that godard film (You know).  Older criminal guy lays in bed with a much younger girl. She is attractive but slightly off in some way.  Beauty shot of her at the window of the bedroom looking off in the distance.  The Man wakes up and starts yelling at her.  “What the fuck are doing here?  You should be at work.  I fucking knew you wouldn’t get up on time.”  Etc 


She appears genuinely shocked.  He has never not been nice to her.  She laughs it off at first, but he continues.  He starts to insult her.  She starts to cry, “What’s wrong with you?   Why are you acting this way?”  He continues the insults, while he puts on his pants.


She loses it, tears streaming down her face, she starts to hit him, and tell him she will never talk to him again.  That they are through. That she hates him.


“You mean that?” he asks.  She exclaims, “What the fuck?  Of course, you fucking asshole.”  “Then leave”, he says.  “Then leave!” he screams.  “Then LEAVE!”


She grabs her bag and pants and shoes and scuffles out the door.  The man crumples up against the wall in complete mourning.


The Hangout:

4 gangster types.  One is older, in charge, the leader, the father.  A guard stands out front.


The four guys sit around yapping at each other, giving each other shit.  One of the guys starts laying into the boss. “What if your daughter wants marry Jackie?”  “That won’t happen, its just a phase”.   Another guy pipes in, “Isn’t she a little young for him?”  The boss says, “They’re on the same maturity level, so it’s OK.  For now.  Anybody seen that fucking tard today?”  They all shrug their shoulders.


The bedroom:

Shots of the Man packing his passport, zipping up a suitcase.  He sticks an e ticket printout into his pocket.  He puts a very sharp knife into a sheath.  He puts extra large clips into an automatic pistol into a shoulder harness.  He sticks more clips into his pockets.  He looks into a mirror, sighs.  He fixes his hair until it is just right (like he’s a rock star about to go on stage)


A bar:

The girl.  Devastated, sits head down at the bar slamming gin and tonics.


The Hangout (cont’d):

Outside, the Man walks up to the guard.  “They’ve been looking for you”, he says while shaking his head dismissively.  The man nods knowingly and then takes his knife and stabs the guard in the gut.  Deep.  The guard falls to the ground.  The Man stabs him again and again.


Inside the hangout the four gangster guys are now nowhere to be seen.  the Man walks in.  The boss is sitting at a table doing a crossword puzzle.  He glances up at the Man, ignoring the blood on his hands.  The boss glances at him and continues to do what he was doing.  “Where the fuck you been?  I got all kinds of shit for you to do today.”  The boss doesn’t have a chance to look up when the man shoots him four, five, six times.  Blood spatters everywhere.  One of the gangsters peeks around the corner, “what the fuck did you do? You stupid shit.” The man opens fire on this asshole and shoots him many more times than necessary.  The man then goes looking for anyone in the hangout.  Shots fire at the man without warning.  The man turns around and sees the other gangster guy shooting at from the main room.  The man, reloads and a gun battle starts.  And ends rather quickly since the other gangster quickly runs out of ammo and the man reloads his mag again and approaches the other gangster who is shot, but not dead.  The other gangster begins to beg for his life.  “You don’t wanna do this.  We can do business together the two of us.”  The man says nothing holds up the gun.  The other gangster shouts, “No!” and the man shoots him once in the head, killing him.  He raises his gun to shoot him some more, but thinks better of it.  The man takes a deep breath, puts the gun away and walks calmly out of the hangout and out of his current life.


Shots of body parts like in the first scene except they are of the carnage the man has left behind. 



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