Monday, April 6, 2015

Bank Teller on the run

Remember when you actually had to use bank tellers?  Some of you deadbeats might still.  This teller falls for the robber.  It would have worked out if the cops wouldn't shoot first and ask questions later. Happens all the time.




Bank Teller On the Run


            It was hot yesterday and the day before, but today it is hot.  And right on cue, the air-conditioning in the 1st National bank is not working.  Everyone is sweating profusely including Jean.  Jean is a teller in the bank.  Three years ago he moved to Los Angeles to be an actor.  Now he is doing the same job he did in France.  Jean counts his money and finds that he is one dollar short at the end of the day.  He thinks nothing of it, but another teller, who never really liked him anyway, thinks he has seen him pocket the dollar.  He is in a bar later that day getting drunk when a private security agent hired by the bank comes to talk to him about the missing dollar.  They begin to argue and the security agent pushes him and Jean hits him.  The security agent doesn't get up.  Jean gets scared and runs away.  The agent isn't dead but after this the real cops get involved and begin to search for the teller.  After the alcohol wears off, the realization comes to him that his nightmare has just begun, and over one dollar, which he didn't take.  Jean is in over his head.  He has seen probably every American movie made when he was young, but real action was never his style.  Jean is a shy introverted man.

            Driving back to his small apartment a police car tries to pull him over, his instincts take over and he runs a red light.   The police car to swerves and another car to crashes into it.  Jean gets away, but he is in shock.

            Jean decides to try and contact a friend of his.  The friend, Shelby, has seen his name on the news and isn’t willing to help him.  He wants to take her car, but she won’t let him.  She makes fun of him now since this is the only way he could get famous.  He rides the bus to a Greyhound station and buys a ticket to as far as he can afford.  When he arrives in Santa Barbara, Jean realizes he has no money.  He walks down to the beach and spots a rich looking couple.  He runs up behind them, pushes down the woman and punches the old man.  Jean grabs his wallet and her purse and runs off.  When Jean thinks he's safe he sees that he has several hundred dollars.  Now he has a decision to make.  He has reached a point of no return. 

            In the old woman's purse is a pistol.  It's getting dark.  Jean waits at a dark intersection and uses the gun to car jack a Toyota.  The man in the car puts up a fight and Jean's eye gets slashed from broken glass.  He can barely see, but he manages to drive to a secluded area.  There is a cellular phone in the car and Jean calls his brother back in France.  His parents are still refusing to talk to him.  His brother asks how he is, and Jean says that he is having fun as he pats his bleeding eye with a rolled up sock.   He can't go back no matter how much he wants to .  No one will listen to him now, and well that they shouldn't.  But as his crimes grow after his initial innocence, for the first time in his life, he is alive and using all his senses and really living.  In a perverted way, it is good for him but at the expense of many others. 

            Jean ends up ditching the car after driving north for a few hours.  He finds an all night diner.  He has fashioned a makeshift patch for his eye with some paper and tape.  Over eggs, Jean decides he must do something to redeem himself before he gives himself up.  As he walks out of the diner he sees his chance.  A mean looking fellow is screaming a young woman.  She is telling him that she wants him to leave her alone.  He hits her.  Jean puts his hand on his gun, but decides to speak up instead.  He tells the man to stop hitting the lady.  The man walks slowly over to Jean while Jean raises his gun.  The man smiles.  He punches Jean in the face.  Jean drops the gun and falls to the ground.  The man picks up a tire iron and hits Jean in the back with it.  Jean starts to lose consciousness, but before he does, he sees the young lady fire one shot into the man's head. 

            Jean wakes up in a strange car.  The young lady is driving and Jean demands they stop.  The young lady says her name is Maria.  They argue about stopping the car.  Jean grabs the wheel during the argument and the car swerves into a ditch, busting a tire.  Maria gets out of the car a finds there is no spare and becomes hysterical.  Jean crawls out of the car and tries to comfort her.  Nothing works so Jean tells her a joke in French.  She doesn't understand, but he explains he just told a very funny joke.  She has him tell it again and this time she laughs.  They eventually begin to talk.  Not about their private innermost thoughts, but about places they liked to go to when they were young, TV shows they enjoy now, and other seemingly innocuous topics.  They both discover they love soccer.  Maria says she wants a tattoo, but can't find anything she likes enough to permanently put it on her body.

            As they continue to talk, Jean realizes that he is in love for the first time in his life.  He leans towards Maria and they kiss.  When they finally separate, Jean tells Maria that she can get away if she leaves him here.  She wants to run away together.  After much discussion Jean gives Maria the phone that is still in her pocket and tells her to call her girlfriend to pick her up down the road.  Jean just tells her that he wants her to remember him.  She agrees.

            Jean stares down the road as she walks away, once she is gone from sight, he crawls back into the car and drives on the tire rim into the nearest town.  Before he makes it to a town, Jean comes upon a highway blockade.  He stops the car.  A patrolman tells him to get out of the car over a bullhorn.  Jean starts to walk toward the policemen.  The patrolman yells for Jean to stop, but Jean doesn't.  The police are perplexed as Jean keeps walking towards them.  Jean then realizes that he has put the gun in his pocket.  He decided to reach in his pocket and throw out the gun.  One of the patrolman sees this and yells he's got a gun.  There are several people now yelling at Jean and he becomes confused.  He raises his arms to give himself up, but one policeman becomes nervous and fires.  Jean is hit.  The patrolman with the bullhorn mutters, "Goddammit" after it's all over.  

            Several days later Maria is in a tattoo parlor.  She tells the artist that Jean is spelled J-E-A-N.


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